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Naviolab is your logistics and technology partner for any web related project.

Would you like to send a newsletter in the design of your website to your client database? No problem! Or would you like an animation as an eye-catcher? Just a sec!

You administer your projects with NAPEX, our web content management system.

We'll get the message through!


With our client Norsk Tur AS, a major travel agent in Norway, Naviolab has developed a web booking system for any kind of individual and group travel plan.

Using NAPEX, the web content management system, this is easily integrated with you web site and contact database.

We'll get you there!


With our two partners in the music industry, Ms. Stommel and Ms. Gotzes Naviolab has developed a toolkit for any music related web activity.

Your web site with any media content presented the way you like it, your contact database, your schedules, concert database, online-shop, ...

We are on tune with you!

  Fitness / Health   Information Technology

You want to present or sell something on the web? We'll deliver you the tools you need!

Online-shops, product and client databases, booking systems, integration with your accounting system. No problem!

We know how to increase your sales!


You have a large database with client data and now you want to reach them better via e-mail or on the web? Let's get that done!

Online-shop, online-registration, product and client databases, integration with your accounting system, course administration tools, user intranet, ...

We'll raise the record! 


We can assist you with any web related project. Either you want to integrate one of our tools into your web site, or you want us to design and develop it from scratch.

Some of our technologies offered: Java/JSP, Ruby, ColdFusion, PHP, .NET.

Naviolab is more than 20 years in the web technology business.

We'll get it solved!

  Small Businesses   Academic Sector

To increase your potential marketing capacities you need a decent web site. Get your products presented in a way your clients understand it!

We'll help them to find you!


Many small business workflows can be identified and improved with the help of an easy-to-use online web tool.

Our expertise has created quite a bunch, and chances are we already have what you need! If not, you'll have it tomorrow!

We'll get it done!


Naviolab started as a University of Munich spin-off. Our first project was to create an online publishing system for the student web newspaper communichator.

We deliver your a package of tools that will help you organise your databases, course enrolment, internship portal, academic newsletters, ...

They will understand better!


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