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You have a web site? When did you last update it? How long did it take? How much did you have to pay for it? Did you use a content management system? Well, if the answer is no to any of these questions - then you should try NAPEX, the web content management system!

Using NAPEX.Content you can perform all internet activities yourself, without the need of expensive consultants or agencies. Web development and customer care takes days, not months, while routine updates and follow-ups are quick and painless.

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Do you need to take better care of your clients and contacts? Do you have all the contact details and correspondence in one place, ready at hand?

NAPEX.Contact is a powerful Enterprise Contact Management solution, especially developed for small and mid-size organizations. With integrated business contact management, calender, projects and email communication, NAPEX.Contact focuses on providing your organization with the most efficient Enterprise Contact Management solution on the market.

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Database Management
  Web Software Applications

You have several databases with client and product data, and now you want to make some of them accessible on you web site?

You finally want a decent interface to look up and update your data?

You need better reporting and integration with Microsoft Word/Excel or Adobe PDF?

We'll take care of it! NAPEX.Database is the tool you need!

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With NAPEX Application Service Providing, any web software can be realised.

Perfect integration with your content, web site, documents, contacts, databases, ...

No local installation is necessary.

Some examples (see Clients):
- Booking system for Norsk Tur AS, Norway
- Internship tool for IfKW, LMU, Munich
- Contact and concert database for MdJ, Stgt.
- Course admin tool for Nautilus Fitness Munich


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